The Single AR Rifle Mag Carrier is a simple but versatile design and just like all our other gear it brings alot to the table whilst remaining sleek and minimal. 

Ideal for sport shooting, 3 gun, training or just plinking alike, this carrier allows the shooter to carry a single AR15 rifle mag with the option to attach a single pistol mag carrier on the outside if needed. 

Rifle and pistol mags can be carried with rounds forward or back ward giving the shooter flexibility and making the unit completely ambidextrous. 

All carriers have sufficient grip space for a full and quick draw. 

The carrier has a choice of either a G-Code paddle or belt slide attachment (quick on/off paddle is highly recommend, belt slide only needed for extremely heavy conditions).  Please choose one from the drop down menu.

Low profile, sturdy and highly versatile this carrier makes a great addition to any range bag. 

  • Adjustable retention
  • Minimalist space saving design
  • Fits firm and close to the body with little to no tilt 
  • Rounds forward or backward, Completely Ambidextrous
  • Can accommodate 1x single pistol mag carrier
  • Ideal for Sports shooting and 3 gun
  • Fits all AR 15 mags 


Single AR15 mag carrier

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  • R 650.00
  • Regular price R 800.00


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