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The "Covert V2" IwB / AIwB holster is built to a minimalist standard whilst still retaining what's expected of a fighting holster. 

We've reduced the material to the minimum needed, enhancing comfort while maintaining functionality and safety. Additionally, all admin and checks can be performed on the weapon without removing it from the holster and exposing the trigger, dump the mag, chambered round and lock or drop the slide all while still in the holster. 

The "Covert V2" is essentially a reduced and lowcut version of the "Chameleon V2". We've kept all of the concealment upgrades while simply reducing the material of the holster down to an absolute minimum. The holster also comes with a flush bottom, none of the gun will stick out.

 The "Covert " ships standard with 2x 1.5 inch J-clips + RCS claw + RCS Wedge as standard

NB ! The RCS claw / Wedge works by creating leverage on the grip of the gun, pushing it into the body which greatly reduces printing while worn appendix. Use the drop down menu on this page.

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  • Works well anywhere in the belt line
  • Highly versatile
  • Small footprint with maximum comfort 
  • Easy to conceal
  • Solid fixed retention**
  • Fits all after market parts (extended slide release, raised mag release etc)
  • RMR ready
  • Coated steel hardware 

** Fixed retention secured with metal eyelets we believe gives the safest and most consistent function. The retention is strong and snappy but is easily disengaged when needed.



"Covert V2" IwB/AIwB holster

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