The "Centerline" is an AIwB centered holster with a single mag caddy. The two units are connected via flexible nylon cord, this ensures a strong yet flexible connection that will move with your body while remaining secure.  

The holster portion has two attachments points and can be used as a stand alone holster, in addition, it features mounting points for the RCS Claw and RCS Wedge, two addons that greatly enhance concealment and comfort.

The mag carrier section features a caming bar that contacts the belt and forces the carrier into the body much like the RCS claw on the holster. This ensures even large mags with addon base plates are concealed with ease. The mag carrier section is also height adjustable to work with all mag sizes


The holster ships with 2x J-Clips, the Modwing claw and RCS wedge as standard. Additional attachments are sold extra on the attachments page.

Shipping info will be sent to you once your order is complete. 

  • Built in mag carrier with adjustable retention & height with flared insert lip
  • Half cut sweat shield to ensure a full firing grip upon presentation 
  • Large footprint with minimal pressure points
  • Comfortable both sitting and standing
  • Solid fixed retention*
  • Fully tuck-able
  • Highly concealable 
  • Fits most after market parts (extended slide release, raised mag release etc)
  • Red Dot ready

* Fixed retention secured with metal eyelets we believe gives the safest and most consistent function. The retention is strong and snappy but is easily disengaged when needed. 


"Centerline" Appendix Holster

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