Our flagship AIwB holster the "Chameleon" has been re-designed with even more versatility and function. 

Originally designed with appendix carry in mind the "Chameleon" will however work equally well anywhere inside the belt-line. The holsters versatility is achieved through manufacturing a slim and functional holster body which can accommodate multiple attachments. Change your carry position and style by simply changing out the attachment combinations.  

The Chameleon is designed with negative retention, this means the holster body is slightly bigger than the slide of the gun which enables the gun to be inserted into the holster with minimal friction on the slide, contact with the gun is reached once the trigger guard comes into contact with the holster. 

The "Chameleon" ships standard with 2x 1.5 inch J-Clips + RCS Claw +RCS Wedge. Additional attachments are sold extra on the attachments page.

NB ! The RCS Claw works by creating horizontal leverage on the grip of the gun, pushing the grip into the body which greatly reduces printing particularly when worn appendix. 

NB !  The RCS Wedge works in a similar fashion by creating a vertical tilt into the body achieved through it's placement at the bottom of the holster, the soft rubber material ensures a secure and comfortable feel. 

 Shipping info will be sent to you once your order is complete. 

( V3 changes listed in bold)

  • Slim and ergonomic holster body
  • 3/4 cut sweat shield to ensure better firing grip on the draw
  • Fully rounded nose for better comfort when seated
  • 2nd clip placed ergonomically along the sight channel at an angle, the grip will not rotate with the 2nd clip installed
  • Takes all tuck-able clips
  • Fits 99% of aftermarket parts
  • Partially covered mag release, this ensures no accidental mag release when worn while still allowing mag ejection by the user while gun is on the holster
  • Fixed retention, solid lockup and smooth draw*

* Fixed retention secured with metal eyelets we believe gives the safest and most consistent function. The retention is strong and snappy but is easily disengaged when needed

If you have a Glock 26 size, please choose Glock 19 as that is the smallest the Chameleon V3 is made for, please state in the comments section at checkout that the holster is for a G26. A sub compact gun is best carried in a compact sized holster as the added length aids in comfort and  stability. 



"Chameleon" IwB/AIwB holster

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