The "Clarity" light bearing holster is a ultra slimline IwB/AIwB holster packed with our usual features. By keeping the holster as small as possible, it ensures maximum comfort and concealment even when carrying a large EDC light on the gun. 

Two clip attachments points to keep the holster in place considering it's added size and weight and a hard points for a concealment claw and wedge, this little unit is everything you need.

The holster ships with 2x J-Clips, RCS Claw & Wedge as standard. All other attachments sold extra in the attachments section. 

  • Minimalist design ensures easy EDC carry
  • Solid lockup on the body of the light, audible "click!"
  • Highly versatile 
  • Supremely comfortable 
  • Works with all aftermarket gun parts and is red dot ready
  • Fixed retention

"Clarity" IwB light bearing holster

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