The "Centerline" holster is a dedicated appendix carry holster that features a built-in mag carrier. Having the carrier built in helps even out the appearance and reduces the visual printing of the firearm and magazine. It also creates a larger footprint which spreads the weight and pressure over a bigger area adding greatly to the comfort and wear ability of the holster.    

The holster ships with 2x J-Clips and the RCS claw as standard. Additional attachments are sold extra on the attachments page.

Lead time on Shop items is 3-7 business days. Shipping info will be sent to you once your order is complete. 

  • Built in mag carrier with adjustable retention
  • Large footprint with minimal pressure points
  • Comfortable both sitting and standing
  • Solid fixed retention*
  • Fully tuck-able
  • Highly concealable 
  • Multiple attachment choices
  • Fits all after market parts (extended slide release, raised mag release etc)
  • Coated steel hardware 

* Fixed retention secured with metal eyelets we believe gives the safest and most consistent function. The retention is strong and snappy but is easily disengaged when needed. 


"Centerline" Appendix Holster

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