A redesign of the original Chameleon V1, the "Classic" IwB holster is reborn using the latest and most secure hard ware on the market, sporting the DCC monoblock IwB attachment as standard. The classic is a secure, functional and simple option for those looking to conceal from the 3 O'clock position onwards.  

The low front and back cuts ensure this holster will work with almost any Red Dot + Plate setup. 

Concealing behind the hip does not benefit from either the Wedge or Modwing attachments and therefore has not been included as on option for this holster. The hip provides enough rotation of the firearm and the wedge will only make the appearance of the holster budge larger. 

 The "Classic" ships standard with 1x 1.5 inch DSCC Monoblock.

 Shipping info will be sent to you once your order is complete. 

  • Slim and ergonomic holster body
  • Half cut sweat shield to ensure better firing grip on the draw
  • Fully rounded nose for better comfort when seated
  • Works with all Generation Glocks 
  • Fits 99% of aftermarket parts
  • Partially covered mag release 
  • Fixed retention, solid lockup and smooth draw*

* Fixed retention secured with metal eyelets we believe gives the safest and most consistent function. The retention is strong and snappy but is easily disengaged when needed.



Classic IwB holster

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