The large ankle medical kit is intended to carry a full IFAK around the ankle in a compact, discreet and secure manner.

The carrier is built with 4 main pockets to carry larger items with an additional 2 smaller pockets located in the wings of the carrier for smaller items such as medical gloves or flat packed combat gauze. The larger pockets are secured with Velcro one wrap to prevent items falling out and the smaller pockets have a Velcro closure at the outer seam. 

Made from soft shell nylon and water proof Velcro the carrier is water proof and will not absorb sweat or water. 

This carrier is meant to carry a full IFAK and accessories and has plenty of space. The pockets are elasticated to compress these items and keep the carrier as slim on the ankle as possible. With that said, the carrier works best with straight cut or larger combat style pants, slim pants will cause the carrier to print and not conceal well as opposed to larger cut pants at the bottom. 

All edges are finished with nylon binding to prevent wear and ensure longevity. 

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Large ankle med kit

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