Designed around the ubiquitous and commonly available Victorinox fruit knife, this lightweight neck knife and sheath are highly concealable and a great choice for EDC.  

Primarily designed for people who travel often, having the sheath alone allows you to quickly source and purchase a Victorinox fruit knife at most off duty terminals or large chain shopping malls providing some immediate and properly secured protection. 

NB! Each unit will be will have random colours for the knife handle, kydex and eyelets, we do however promise to make it look cool!

  • 10cm blade 11cm handle 
  • Incredibly light 
  • Rock solid lockup
  • Strangle safe black coated ball chain
  • Highly versatile 
  • Excellent last ditch knife
  • Cheap to replace, easy to source

The "Carry on" sheath (fruit knife included)

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  • R 500.00
  • Regular price R 600.00


We offer a 14 day full money back guarantee. After that our full manufacturing guarantee kicks in.